Devil Worship Collection

Disc 1.

Horror Hotel (1960) B&W

A young coed (Nan Barlow) uses her winter vacation to research a paper on witchcraft in New England. Her Professor (Christopher Lee) recommends that she spend her time in a small village called Whitewood. He originally came from that village so he also recommens she stay at the "Raven's Inn", run by mrs. Newlis. She gets to the village and notices some weird happenings, but things begin to happen in earnest when she finds herself "marked" for sacrifice by an undead coven of witches.

Good Against Evil (1977) Color

A writer (Andy Stuart) teams up with a an exorcist, Father Kemschler, to battle Satan and a group of Devil worshippers led by a Mr. Rimmin.

The She-Beast (1965) Color

A young woman (Barbara Steele) is driving alongside a lake. She has en accident and the car plunges into the water. Her body is then possessed by the spirit of an 18th-century witch who was drowned there by local villagers, and is bent on avenging herself on them.

Disc 2.

The Devil's Nightmare (1971) Color

Devil's Nightmare tells the story of a group of tourists who become lost during a trip. They meet a man at the roadside who gives them directions, but it is too late to catch the ferry. They are then directed to an old castle which offers room and board. A Succubus also comes to stay at the castle and proceeds to seduce each tourist according to their own personal weaknesses, then kills them, using their own sin against them. Each tourist is a representative of one of the Seven Deadly Sins. 

The Pyx (1973) Color

A motorist witnesses a woman falling or jumping from a tenement building. Police arrive on the scene and find a crucifix and a small metal container (a pyx). while investigating the death, a detective in the city of Montreal enters the world of prostitution, drug addiction, conspiracy and the occult. As the investigation continues, it is revealed that the dead woman was Elizabeth Lucy, a prostitute and heroin addict. Suspects in Elizabeth's death are soon murdered one by one, and evidence of occult ritual begins to surface, leading to a confrontation with a cult leader who may be possessed by Satan himself.

- Region: 0

- Sprog: Engelsk

- Genre: Satanic Worship/Occult/Gyser

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