Dr. Winifred Walker (Ivory Stone) and Nobel Prize-winner Dr. Stein (B-movie Icon John Hart) believe they can restore dismembered Vietnam vet Eddie Turner (Joe De Sue) to the man he once was. But the results turn monstrous, and the Blackenstein Monster goes on a rampage of murder and disemboweling, unaffected by fists, bullets and blunt objects. Who or what can stop the this menace? And will Dr. Stein have to return his Nobel Prize?

Director Wlliam Levey (Slumber Party ´57, Skatetown, U.S.A.) and writer Frank Saletri (Black the Ripper) rushed out this cinematic gem at the behest of legendary camp filmmaker Samuel Z. Arkoff, who wanted to capitalize on the succes of the "Blacula" films. Using the lab sets from the original Frankenstein and a group of amateur and veteran actors, including sleaze-cinema queen Liz Renay (John Waters' Desperate Living, The Corpse Grinders 2), 1940's leading lady Andrea King (My Wild irish Rose, The Beast with Five Fingers) and singer Cardella de Milo (Dolomite, Rude) Blackenstein is a glorous mish-mosh of the good, the bad snf the hopelessly miscast. Don't watch it on a full stomach!

- Region: 1

- Farver

- Genre: Gyser

- Prod.yr: 1973

- Sprog: Engelsk

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