Dead Heat (VHS)

Maverick L.A.P.D. officer Roger Mortis (Treat Williams) is out to prove a point. He's going to be a good cop AND a dead cop. And nothing - not even death - is going to stop him from nailing the bad guys that did him in. Prepare yourself for the decidedly off-beat comedy and thrills of Dead Heat. Investigating some frightening goings-on, Mortis and his partner, Doug Bigelow (Joe Piscopo), pay a visit to Dante Laboratories. It is here that they discover the high-tech Resurrection Room that has been churning out a weird band of recycled and indestructible criminals. And it is here that Mortis meets his untimely death. But all is not lost. Two can play this zombie game! And soon Bigelow and the newly undead Mortis are giving chase to Loudermilk, the mysterious philanthropist, Mr. Thule, the malevolent butcher, and Chief Coroner Mcnab, whose dedication to pathology has made him more than a little pathological. Police work is tough enough without having to tangle day after day with the same dead criminals. But hey, if you can't beat'em, join'em!

- Farver

- Prod.yr: 1990

- Sprog: Engelsk

- Spilletid: 86 min.

- Genre: Gyser/Komedie

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