Night of The Death Cult (VHS)

AKA: Night of The Seagulls

A shattering scream pieces through the misty evening, drowning out the bizarre and haunting cries of the seagulls. Henry, a young doctor, and his wife, Joan, are jolted awake. There is something very wrong in the seaside village, but no one will even talk to them. No one but Teddy, a deformed, mentally-retarded man, who warns the newly-arrived couple of the Templar Knights - savage corpses who rise from the sea to claim the hearts of virgin females... Literally. One will die every night for seven consecutive nights. Parents must sacrifice their naked daughters, for this is the way it has always been. Disbelief turns to terror when Lucy, Henry's assistant, is abducted by the village women, and dragged to the rocks. She begs Henry not to interfere, or hundreds more will die in an onslaught of hellish revenge... their damned souls forever circling the blackened, inky coastline. Disturbing, graphic and violent, building to a fever-pitched climax, Night of The Death Cult is one of the most horrifying films you will ever see. Don't miss it!

- Farvefilm

- Genre: Gyser

- Spilletid: 90 min.

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