Russ Meyer Double Feature Vol. 1 (VHS)

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the world of Russ Meyer. A filmmaker unencumbered by modern society's notions of what a movie should be. A man for whom no plotline is too extravagant, no action too intense and no woman too top-heavy. A raging libidinous font of creativity whose rapid, ingenious editing defined a generation and scandalized the censors.

Cherry, Harry & Raquel

Take a sleepy town in the Arizona sunshine. Add two girls and a boy: Cherry, Harry and Raquel. To this simple, clean-cut situation, drop in a great big dollop of Russ Meyer and hey presto, we've got a hilarious dead-pan study of the power-struggles and sex-lives of a bunch of dastardly, double-crossing drug dealers, holed up in a dusty desert town on the Arizona border. Starring Uschi 'Soul' Digard.

Common Law Cabin

Just like a woman, the Colorado River is both deadly and beautiful. And if you go far enough up it, you'll find six enormous mountains and three very grand canyons in the shape of Alaina Capri, Babette Bardot and Adele Rein. And they're all staying at the common law cabin, a busted out tourist trap under the Arizona sun. Take a simmering look at these three fast-boiling women with insatiable appetites and twisted morals in this tale of jealousy, rape, murder and stolen diamonds.

- Farver

- Sprog: Engelsk

- Spilletid: 141 min.

- Genre: Erotik/Komedie/Action

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