Son of Godzilla + The Terror of Mechagodzilla (VHS)

Son of Godzilla

Solgill Island is hime to a research team attempting an experiment. If they succeed they will be able to change the weather and thus save the world from running out of food. However, their first attempt brings failure, causing an intense radioactivity causes the animals on the island to grow and become grossly oversized.

The Terror of Mechagodzilla

When a submarine is sunk in the ocean, a search goes out for Professor Malfuni, who 15 years previously claimed to have found the monster Titanosaurus under the sea. Now he is working for the aliens who are building Mechagodzilla, a massive machine. Their ambition is to take over the world for themselves. With the help of Katsura, Malfuni's cyborg daugther they are set to succeed unless Godzilla can stop them.

- Farvefilm

- Sprog: Engelsk

- Spilletid: 161 min.

- Genre: Sci-Fi/Monsterfilm

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