The Munsters Vol. 2 (VHS)

Low-Cal Munster

Trouble begins in the Munster household when Herman tells Lily he intends to attend an Army reunion banquet wearing his old nuiform. The problem is that he has to lose a considerable amount of weight before the suit will fit.

Autumn Croakus

After the rest of the family deserts him to follow their various pursuits, Grandpa begins to feel lonely. In order to solve his problems he joins a dating agency and meets the ideal eoman. But, is she as nice as she seems?

Knock Wood, Here Comes Charlie

What starts out to be a bad day for Herman gets even worse with the unexpected arrival of his twin brother Charlie. Charlie is an evil con artist who wishes to involve the Munsters in his latest dishonest get-quick scheme.

- B&W

- Sprog: Engelsk

- Genre: Komedie

- Spilletid: 75 min.


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