Reefer Madness

AKA: Tell Your Children

STOP! DON'T light that joint until you first watch this crackpot cannabis classick from the 1930's, get the Inside Dope on Drug Craze, and see what actually happens behind the locked doors of a Marihuana Party! Here are the true Facts on the weed with roots in hell! Marihuana! The Fiend that poses as a friend! The Quagmire that drags women down! The Real Public Enemy Number One!

Another classick that relates the story, as told by high school principal Dr. Carroll to parents at a PTA meeting, of the scourge of marihuana. The tale revolves around Mae and Jack, accomplices in the distribution of marihuana, who manage to entice the local high school kids to stop by Mae's apartment to smoke a little reefer. Puffin good fun!

- Region: 0
- B&W
- Prod.yr: 1936
- Sprog: Engelsk
- Spilletid: 66 min.
- Genre: Drama/Drugsploitation/Undervisningsfilm

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