Anthropophagus: The Grim Reaper

AKA: The Beast, Man-Eater, Der Menschenfresser, The Savage Island, The Zombie's Rage

A Group of Young tourists take an unexpected side trip to a small, mysterious Greek Island. When they arrive they find the island's village deserted except for a strange woman who wanders the streets and disappears as quickly as she is seen. Attempting to return to their ship, they find it has drifted away from the shore. They must spend the night on the island, waiting for the tide to come in again. One by one, the small group must face the terrors of the island.

- Region: 0

- Farver

- Prod.yr: 1980

- Sprog: Engelsk

- Spilletid: 82 min.

- Genre: Gyser/Slasher/Splatter/Video Nasty

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