Beyond The Darkness

God bless the late, and dearly missed, Joe D'Amato. Not only did the censor-baiting Svengali of sleaze give us such video nasty masterpieces as Absurd (1981) and Anthropophagus (1980), as well as the sexploitation classic Eleven Days, Eleven Nights (1987), he also unleashed one of Euro-horror's grisliest gore-fests in 1979's frequently-censored Beyond The Darkness!

Focusing on a Psycho-style story of a young loner, under the authority of a besotted but blood-thirsty matriarch, who enjoys bouts of human taxidermy, bodily mutilation and cannibalism - this crimson-ridden splatter caper might just be D'Amato's crowning achievement. Starring the legendary Cinzea Monreale (The Beyond) as a beautiful blonde who is lured into the killer's premises, Beyond The Darkness also features a sublime score from prog-rockers Goblin (Tenebrae) and a sick, but nonetheless satisfying, sense of humour. Also known as Buried Alive, this D'Amato classic is finally making its UK DVD premiere - uncut and uncensored!

- Region: 2
- Prod.yr: 1979
- Spilletid: 94 min.
- Genre: Gyser/Splatter
- Undertekster: Engelsk
- Sprog: Italiensk, Engelsk

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