Censor (Limited Deluxe Edition)

Dette er den limiterede deluxe edition der kommer i en lækker hardbox designet af kunstneren Robert Sammelin med et slipcover af Earl Kess + et 16-siders booklet*

Enid Baines, a film screener at the BBFC, has earned an unsavory reputation for being the organization's strictest censors of violent films. Unexpectedly, Enid is contacted by Frederick North, a notorious director of exceptionally brutal, low budget horror movies, who has requested that she personally review his work for classification. While viewing one of North’s films, Enid is struck by its narrative similarities to the disappearance of her own sister years earlier. But when she finds another of North’s films which stars a woman who bares a striking resemblance to her sister, Enid’s life begins spiraling out of control, sending her on a mysterious and terrifying journey into the dark and violent recesses of her past.

The acclaimed feature film directing debut of Prano Bailey-Bond, CENSOR is a scathing indictment of Britain’s notorious Video Nasty era, imagined as a horror film that’s every bit as brutal and twisted as the Nasties themselves. Exquisitely photographed on 35mm by Annika Summerson and featuring an electrifying score by Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch, Vinegar Syndrome Pictures proudly presents CENSOR in its Blu-ray debut, with extensive bonus features including Bailey-Bond’s earlier short film, NASTY.

- Format: Blu-ray
- Region: A
- Prod.yr: 2021
- Spilletid: 84 min.
- Sprog: Engelsk
- Undertekster: Engelsk
- Genre: Gyser/Splatter

- Kommentarspor med instruktøren Prano Bailey-Bond og fotograf Annika Summerson
- Kommentarspor med historiker og forfatter Kat Ellinger
- Interview med instruktøren Prano Bailey-Bond og hovedrolleindehaver Niamh Algar
- Interview med klipper Matt Towns
- Interview med lyddesigner Tim Harrison
- Interview med komponist Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch
- Video Essay af Chris O'Neill
- "Nasty" (kortfilm)
- "My Nasty Memories"  - Featurette med David Gregory om Video Nasties
- "Ban The Sadist Videos!"  Dokumentar om Video Nasties

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