Don't Torture A Duckling

A Classic of The Perverse From Director Lucio Fulci

Several young boys a murdered in a remote village rife with sex and superstition, and the townspeople go mad with rage and violence. But when a hard-nosed reporter and a premiscuous young woman search for true killer, they discover a fiend - and motive - even more shocking than the crimes themselves.

DON'T TORTURE A DUCKLING is a landmark Giallo so savage, it could only come from the mind of director Lucio Fulci (THE BEYOND, ZOMBIE, CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD). Featuring an international all-star cast that includes Tomas Milian (RUN MAN RUN), Barbara Bouchet (BLACK BELLY OF THE TARANTULA), Irene Papas (Z) and Florinda Bolkan (LIZARD IN A WOMAN'S SKIN). This re-discovered classic has been restored from the original vault materials and is now presented completely uncut and uncensored.

- Region: 0

- Farver

- Prod.yr: 1972

- Sprog: Engelsk

- Spilletid: 102 min.

- Genre: Gyser/Giallo/Splatter

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