AKA: Der Teufelsschrei, El Legado Del Diablo, Computer Murder

Professional weirdo Clint Howard plays one of his more interesting oppressed-geek roles in this occult revenge thriller about a tormented military-school nerd whose personal computer provides the only solace from the endless taunts and pranks of his fellow cadets. He also has an intense fascination with the occult, leading him to investigate an arcane tome secreted within an ancient, crumbling chapel. In an attempt to decipher the text, he feeds it into thecomputer, which translates the writings into actual working spells. As Clint's mind reels with the possibilities of sweet revenge against his cruel classmates and teachers, the demonic forces once trapped within the book begin to exert control over his mind and body. Before long, he is able to summon an army of snarling devil-pigs to do his evil bidding.

- Region: 0
- Farver
- Prod.yr: 1981
- Spilletid: 100 min
- Ucensureret version
- Sprog: Engelsk, Tysk
- Genre: Gyser/Splatter/Revenge/Satanic Worship/Video Nasty

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