Frostbiter: Wrath of The Wendigo

Long ago, the mighty Wendigo was defeated and buried in a secret place known only to a select individual tasked with protecting this unholy ground, lest it be revived from the grave. When two arrogant hunters, Gary and Dave, stumble upon the Wendigo’s final resting place and kill its elderly protector, they unknowingly revive the ancient demon, which gorily dispatches Dave. Taking refuge with another group of hunters in a nearby cabin, the posse are set upon by all sorts of ghoulish creatures, not the least of which is the Wendigo itself. Meanwhile, a young woman named Sandy begins to experience visions telling her that she must now kill the Wendigo…

From the snowy wilds of Michigan, Tom Chaney’s FROSTBITER (aka WENDIGO) is a highly ambitious indie horror gem which, inexplicably, remained nearly unreleased (save for some local screenings) for the better part of a decade following its late 80s production. Featuring clever use of miniatures, highly stylized camerawork and editing, frequent gore, and loads of wintry atmosphere, Vinegar Syndrome is overjoyed to at last debut this folk horror infused regional creature feature on Blu-ray, newly restored in 2K from its 16mm camera negative and bursting with extras that are sure to rip your head off!

- Format: Blu-ray
- Regionsfri
- Prod.yr: 1995 min.
- Spilletid: 83 min.
- Sprog: Engelsk
- Undertekster: Engelsk
- Genre: Gyser/Splatter/Monsterfilm

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