Asian horror cinema was already hitting strikes by the time the1980s dawned and nowhere was more ahead of the curve than the then-British colony of Hong Kong. The city of neon lights and vibrant street life was no stranger to scary movies and HEX was perhaps the island's crowning achievement. Released in 1980, and emerging from the legendary Shaw Bros Studios, whose knack for colourful landscapes and misty atmosphere remains legendary, HEX tells a weird and wonderful story of witchcraft and wanton revenge!

Directed by the late, great Kuei Chih-Hung, whose output also includes the frequently censored "nasty" THE KILLER SNAKES (1974), this formidable Eastern frightener has an abused woman caught in a strange mystery of manslaughter and macabre happenings. To say anything else would be to spoil one of the Orient's most influential terror titles, but rest assured that HEX has a few spooky surprises up its sleeve.
Now gaining its worldwide HD debut from 88 Films, HEX may just be the greatest ghost story you have never seen!

- Region: B
- Format: Blu-ray
- Prod.yr: 1980
- Spilletid: 94 min.
- Genre: Gyser
- Sprog: Kinesisk
- Undertekster: Engelsk

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