Horrors of Spider Island

Eight sexy showgirls (including Euro bombshell Barbara Valentin) and their Macho manager, Gary (Alex D'Arcy), survive a plane crash by taking refuge on a remote tropical island. As the gals adjust to the hesat and humidity by removing most of their clothes, they also meet one of their new neighbors: a dead scientist found hanging in a giant web. Ignoring the obvious, testoterone-fueled Gary blithely takes a midnight stroll until he's bitten by an overgrown, crab-like spider and immediatly transforms into a clawed, fanged, hairy-faced bogeyman who does exactly what monsters in horror films are supposed to do: chase women!

- Region: 1

- B&W

- Genre: Gyser

- Prod.yr: 1960

- Sprog: Engelsk

- Spilletid: 77 min.

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