A quiet New England town becomes the site of a grisly murder and rape, leaving a young man dead and his girlfriend in critical condition. Sam Cordell, head surgeon and medical examiner at the local hospital, senses something isn't quite normal about the attacker, but barely a day later, another woman is savagely raped and killed. With the realization that a maniac is on the loose, Sam, with the help of police chief Hank Walden and newspaper columnist Laura Kincaid, must unravel the mystery before additional murders occur, all the while unaware that Sam's own daughter, Jenny, might be next on the victim list...

An intense and disturbing supernatural slasher, John Hough's (Legend of Hell House, American Gothic) Incubus stars acclaimed actor and filmmaker John Cassavetes (Rosemary's Baby, A Woman under The influence), John Ireland (The Shape of Things To Come) and Kerrie Keane (Spasms) in her feature film debut. Stylishly photographed by Albert J. Dunk (Class of 1984) and scored by Stanley Meyers (The Deer Hunter), Vinegar Syndrome brings this 80s terror classic to Blu-ray for the first time.

- Region: A, B, C / 0
- Format: Blu-ray/DVD
- Genre: Gyser
- Prod.yr: 1981
- Sprog: Engelsk
- Spilletid: 92 min.
- Undertekster: Engelsk

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