Killer Condom

Based on Ralph Konig's Celebrated Comic Book

New York. A living, squirming, and worst of all, biting condom grips the city in prophylactic panic. Especially hard hit is detective Luigi Mackeroni. As chomped corpses pile up, no one believes his carnivorous contraceptive theory. Then, when Mackeroni loses a testicle to the latex menace, his pursuit becomes personal. He blows the lid off a cult of supervillians bent on eliminating New York's sexual deviants. Their weapon: The Killer Condom!

- Region: 0

- Farver

- Sprog: Tysk

- Prod.yr: 1996

- Spilletid: 107 min.

- Undertekster: Engelsk

- Genre: Gyser/Komedie


- The First Ever Tour of Troma Studios

- The All New Troma Intelligence Test 2

- Audio Commentary with Director Martin Walz, Jorg Buttgereit and Lots of Beer!

- Tromatic Trailer for KILLER CONDOM and other Troma Favorites!

- Special Private Troma Public Service Announcements

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