Luther The Geek

One night, when Luther was a boy, he discovered that there was something different about him - he enjoyed the taste of blood. Following in the footsteps of others like him, Luther became a geek: a deranged man who bites the heads off of live chickens in exchange for booze or money. Now, decades later, Luther is about to be paroled from prison and is ready to return to his home town, fitted with a set of razor sharp, metal teeth, and an unquenchable thirst for human blood...

Directed by Carlton Albright (The Children), Luther The Geek is a bloody and bleak rural slasher featuring gruesome gore courtesy of William Purcell (Exorcist 3) and Mike Tristano (Evil Dead 2) in what Fangoria called "the most riveting splatter film since The Texas Chainsaw Massacre".

- Region: A, B, C / 0
- Format: Blu-ray / DVD
- Prod.yr: 1988
- Sprog: Engelsk
- Spilletid: 80 min.
- Genre: Gyser/Splatter
- Undertekster: Engelsk

- Reversible cover artwork
- Commentary with director Carlton Albright

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