Ozone - 10th Anniversary Special Edition

There's a new drug on the streets! While on a stakeout to nail a dealer's top aide, hardboiled cop Eddie Boone loses his partner and gets injected with a dangerous new designer drug with nightmarish side effects. While searching for his partner, he begins to see the world a little differently - the urban streets are now full of mutants, monsters and mayhem! The trail leads to a den of evil where Eddie is introduced to The Drug Lord, the mastermind behind the lethal narcotic, and ends with an explosive finale that will have you glued to your seat in nervous anticipation of the next second of terror!

- Region: 0
- Farver
- Prod.yr: 1993
- Sprog: Engelsk
- Spilletid: 78 min.
- Genre: Splatter


- Commentary track
- Making of featurette
- Production gallery
- Location tour
- Reversible cover

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