Q - The Winged Serpent

AKA: Vinger Af Frygt, Bird Over New York, American Monster

It's another monstrous day in New York City where window washers have their heads bitten off, topless sunbathers are plucked from rooftops, bloody body parts rain onto the the streets and small time crook Jimmy Quinn (Michael Moriarty) discovers a humongous nest in the spire of The Chrysler Building. Mean while, an NYPD detective (David Carradine) investigates a series of ritual sacrifice murders that may have unleashed a giant flying Aztec Serpent God into the skies of Manhattan. It's name is Quetzalcoatl, but just call it Q... that's all you'll have time to say before it tears you apart!

- Region: 0

- Farver

- Prod.yr: 1982

- Sprog: Engelsk

- Genre: Monsterfilm

- Spilletid: ca 93 min.

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