AKA: Afskeds Party

Beverly Hills. Playground of the rich and famous. A place where perfect families live in perfect homes and perfect people meet perfect partners. For most people, growing up in such lavish surroundings would be the stuff of dreams, but for Billy Whitney, a senior at the Beverly Hills Academy, that dream is fast becoming a nightmare. Suspicious and paranoid about the behaviour of those around him, Billy becomes increasingly unsure of the kinds of activities his friends and family are involved in. As the evidence of strange sexual goings-on appears to become more convincing, Billy's belief that his entire social set is somehow plotting against him gets stronger and stronger. Soon his worst fears will be realised, as he prepares to gatecrash the most shocking and perversely surreal socialite gathering from hell... It's a matter of good breeding. Really.

- Region: 0

- Farver

- Genre: Gyser

- Prod.yr: 1989

- Sprog: Engelsk

- Spilletid: 95 min.

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