The Boneyard

Released in 1991, THE BONEYARD is a certified cult classic of the VHS era that mixes the bad taste splatter humour of such classics as THE EVIL DEAD and RE-ANIMATOR with enough corpse-shambling thrills and ghoulish chills to make for an essential late night watch.
Telling of a living dead outbreak in a coroner's office, THE BONEYARD is a claustrophobic love letter to George A. Romero that introduces some original ideas to the well-worn meat-munching trope. With a cast that includes television legend Phyllis Diller and B-movie veteran Ed Nelson (A BUCKET OF BLOOD) and with makeup effects genius James Cummins (THE THING) as director - this is one low budget bout of blood-splattered brilliance that more than deserves its HD premiere from 88 Films!

- Format: Blu-ray
- Region: B
- Prod.yr: 1991
- Spilletid: 93 min.
- Sprog: Engelsk
- Undertekster: Engelsk
- Genre: Gyser/Splatter

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