Sweet Sugar

AKA: Porno i Junglehelvedet

The beautiful Phyllis Davis stars as Sugar, a fun loving nympho traveler, who's entrapped by a corrupt cop and sent to a female prison camp hidden deep in the tropical jungles of South America. Assigned a position on the notorious sugar cane gang, Sugar soon discovers that the plantation's owner, Dr. John, uses the prisoners in violent and diabolical experiments. Sugar may soon become another of his victims, that is, unless she can bust out first...

Director Michel Levesque's (Werewolves on Wheels) much sought after and over the top women-in-prison thriller, Sweet Sugar, is an action and violence packed exploitation classic, filled with blood, nudity, and a barrage of absurd twists!

- Region: A, B, C / 0
- Format: Blu-ray / DVD
- Prod.yr: 1972
- Sprog: Engelsk
- Spilletid: 86 min.
- Undertekster: Engelsk
- Genre: Women in Prison/Action/Sexploitation

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