I Was A Teenage Werewolf (VHS)

Here it is - the most famous teenage monster movie ever made! It stars Michael Laondon as Tony who is brilliant in his studies but whose behaviour leaves a lot to be desired - he fights at the drop of a wrong word, is moody, and above all cannot stand for anyone to startle him with a sudden nise or touch. After an explosion of temper at a Halloween party he consents to accept medical assistance from Dr. Brandon. Unfortunately for Tony, the doctor is not as he appears, and Tony ends up being used as the subject of an experiment in regression. After a few sessions, and under influence of hypnosis, diabolically implanted auto-suggestion and an injection of a secret drug, Tony is taken back in time to a primitive animal period in his evolution. The normally peaceful town of Rocksdale is suddenly plummeted into terror by a series of brutal, unprovoked murders of teenagers.

- Farver: B&W

- Genre: Gyser

- Sprog: Engelsk

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